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Why Natural Fashion

Bedido is one of the best producer of handmade natural fashion accessory. Using natural materials for fashion products increase the value of local production, reduce the amount of waste, and to reduce the harm to the environment. We aim to educate people to practice environmentally friendly consumption by promoting eco fashion.

The best collection of Seashell jewellery made from Mother of Pearl MOP, Black Lip, Brown Lip, Puka Shells, White Rose and Nassa shell. Sustainable wooden jewelry used like Bayong, Robles, Kamagong, Ebony, Nangka, Palmwood, Graywood, Rosewood and Natural White Wood

Services Highlights


We make jewelry components like pendants, earrings and beads.

Unisex Fashion

Can be His Can be Hers Fashion accessories.

Teen Accessory

Beach necklace, Skaters fashion and Surfer Jewelry.

Men's Necklaces

Surfer Necklaces, Wood Bracelets and Leather Accessories.

Ladies Accessories

Long Endless Necklace Lumbang Kukui Leis Hawaiian Polynesian Style Fashion.

Natural Beads

Wholesale Wood Beads, Coco Beads and Shell Beads.

Amazing Collection

Rasta Fashion

Reggae Rastafarian Bob Marley

Puka Shell Necklaces

Beach Fashion Tahitian Polynesian Hawaiian Style

Surfer Jewelry

Teens Unisex Necklaces Bracelets

Jewelry Making

Natural Beads Coco Shell Wood